My Garden

We've had such a mild Summer here in sunny southern CA! It made me love working in my garden even more than I usually do. Here are a few of my favorite flowers that smile at me daily when I spend some time taking care my garden. . .

I so love my yellow roses. My Mom was born and raised in Texas and she loved her beloved "yellow rose of Texas". When I'm out watering my garden, there are times when I see my yellow roses that it reminds me of my Mom! There is so much pleasure in having a garden. It gives you so much more than you have to give "it", if that makes sense. All my garden asks for is a little sunshine, some water, and in my heart, I believe a little "love" thrown into the mix makes it all turn out so sweet! This week I'm linking up with Tracie over at "FishTale Cottage"! I'm always running in a thousand directions at once, that it was just "nice" to have the time to take some pictures of my garden and share my pictures.

"Adopt the Pace of Nature. . . her secret is patience"


marcela cavaglieri said...

When the other day you wrote about the fall colors of the Trader's flowers I thought: OK, then Spring is coming my way now!!! And it is, after an also a very mild winter, flowers are starting to bloom down here...I can't wait for summer!!!

trash talk said...

Goodness gracious me,I sure wish my monitor had a "scratch and sniff"! That moonflower is gorgeous.
Remind me to tell you the legend of the yellow rose of Texas someday. That it, if you don't already know it.

Sue said...

I would LOVE to hear it. I know growing up, my Mom had all kinds of stories about her beloved Texas! I don't remember the story if she told me. So I would LOVE to hear it!