Happy Birthday Mom!

I didn't remember it was my Mom's birthday until this morning when I woke up trying to remember what day it was! Yes, Country Roads fried my brain over the week-end. My Mom, "Johnnye Merle" would have been 86 years old today.  She left us way to early, actually back in 2006 a few days after Riley, my first grandbaby, was born. My Mom was born and raised in Texas and even though she moved out here to CA and married my Dad in the late 40's, her love for Texas always was in her heart. I so love the old pictures that I have of my Mom, like the one above.

Pictures like this one of her in school, I never saw until after she had passed away. I'm not sure why she never shared her childhood. I know it was tough. Her Dad drank too much, and sadly took his own life when she was only 15. Then she lost her Mom to cancer when she was only 18 years old.

My Mom is in the middle of this photo, wearing overalls. And what is she holding? A cat, of course. And myself and my family have to know where that love of animals came from.

Although "Johnnye Merle" didn't look too thrilled gardening in this photo, she loved gardening! We all know where we got the gardening bug from. And she was so proud when we named the Country Roads garden, "Johnnye Merle's Garden & Nursery"! She never physically was able to see it, but she saw plenty of pictures.

I love this picture of my Mom when she was young and sassy!

This is my Mom and my Grandmother in a field of her beloved Texas bluebonnets. The stories she use to tell my about her bluebonnets I always keep close to my heart.

My Mom and Dad on their wedding day back in July of 1950.  My sister and I didn't find out until after my folks passed away that each of them had been married before ;0) Guess back then they just didn't discuss "that"!

That is me sitting in my Mom's lap at my great Aunt's house in Long Beach. My folks were married forever and sadly passed away within six months of each other. My Dad was so empty & alone without my Mom. So, "happy birthday" Mom! We miss you.


blossoms vintage chic said...

Dear Sue, this is a beautiful tribute to your beautiful mom. What a sweet coincidence...my mom is 87 today!
Have a beautiful day!

Rosemary@villabarnes said...

What a sweet post. Happy Birthday to your mom.

Salmagundi said...

Wonderful pictures! My Mom has been gone 20 years, and everyday I think of something I wish I could ask her. But I have lots of pictures also that help put the pieces of the puzzle together. Thanks for sharing yours. Sally

The Boston Lady said...

A touching tribute to your lovely mom. I love that first picture of her as a baby sitting alone in the farmyard. She is smiling down on you. Ann