A Country Roads Wedding

Looks like someone is getting married! Pam and Adam are getting married October 11th, 2008. We've all talked about this "date" forever and its hard to believe it is almost here. The picture above is their engagement photo, and they just look so cute. I've known Pam (aka: Pamela, or Little Pam) since she was five years old. Her mom use to work with me at my first store in Old Towne, Battered Barn, then at Country Roads. I have to admit, I look at Pam as one of my own kids. She is very special to me and is such an awesome person. I'm really happy for her & Adam right now!

This picture above means a great deal to me. This past Christmas, I had told my kids "all" I wanted as my Christmas gift was a picture by the sign on the side of our building. I never got one! But Pam, being the thoughtful person she is, and always remembering the little things in life, had the photographer take this picture for me. That's just Pam, you know. A big heart, always thinking of others. And, a little family bonus at the wedding, the little ones, Arianna, Riley, and Josalyn will all be flower girls! I'm always grateful for what this store, this business, Country Roads, has brought into my life. As you must know, Country Roads is so much more than "just" a store! The wedding will be on Saturday, October 11th at 4pm. So, I'm doing a first for Country Roads. . . we will be closing early that day at 3pm. After all, one of my kids is getting married, and our entire Country Roads family has to be there! We wouldn't miss it for anything.

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Anonymous said...

Love the pic in front of the Country Roads sign, it belongs in an Ad. Congrats to Pam!