Being A Mom. . . Not Just a Job, an Adventure!

My Mother's Day dinner is kind of described by the picture of Riley, a little loud, a little crazy. I had decided to work on Mother's Day at the store because that is what I like to do. Afterwards, my kids were meeting me at our favorite little restaurant, Mexican Affair. Thankfully, it has a patio since Riley is at the age when its hard to sit still and be quiet.
This year, Riley's cousin, Appolonia, joined us. She is 3-1/2 and could be described as a "free spirit"
Dinner really went okay, considering we were dining with little kids. Bryce has always gotten Riley a balloon each time we go to Mexican Affair. They tie them outside on the patio railing. This time, for some unknown reason, maybe because it was Mother's day, the balloons were gigantic!! Next thing you know, the kids are hitting everyone with the balloons, Appolonia is starting to scream that her balloon is going to fly away. There is no way you can explain to a three year old that a patio cover prevents this!
You know, even with flying balloons, little kids screaming, trying to keep the majority of food on the table rather than the ground, I wouldn't have traded my Mother's Day for anything, including a quiet dinner at a fancy restaurant. My favorite movie of all time is from the 80's, Steve Martin's, "Parenthood". It kind of sums up what families are about, that roller coaster of life. So, as dinner was finished, balloons & kids loaded into carseats, I left with a slight headache, a full stomach, and most importantly, filled with GRATITUDE for having been taken out to dinner on Mother's Day by my kids, and reminded of how much I love each and everyone of them!

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