The Life of Riley

My little grandaughter had quite the day today, lots of new experiences and new things to be discovered. Just as she fell asleep for a nap, I had to wake her up. Her dad and my son, Uncle Bryce, were working on the now famous "re-model" which is a long story for another time! The front porch on the house was finally poured today at Katie & Vinnie's house. They wanted to have Riley's handprints and footprints in the fresh cement on the porch. It would be special memory to have. Vinnie and Bryce were in charge of the above, and me, I drove Riley over to the house and took the pictures.
As you can see, its not always the best idea to wake up a sleepy toddler and put their hands and feet in wet cement. Let's just say it wasn't a "quiet" event, to say the least. And was somewhat of a task for "the boys" to get those prints and then get the wet cement off her hands and feet!!

Riley has always loved to dance. When she was an infant, her and I would spend many of our days together and we always danced! And for some unknown reason, and where it came from I don't even know, but every time I hum the theme song to the old Muppet Show, she starts dancing. What can I say, the kid just loves to dance!! This afternoon, after being put in wet cement, being bitten by one of my cats because she pulled his ears "really" hard, she figured out how to climb up on the coffee table in my bedroom. And off course, what did she do. . . DANCE! Not even two years old and she's already dancin' on tables. Riley was really into the dancing until the tragic moment occured! Nope, she didn't fall of the table, but when she looked down at those dancing feets of hers, she saw her SHADOW!! The faster she danced, that damn shadow kept following her, there was no escaping it. So, being Riley in a crisis, she did what she always does, SCREAM at the top of her lungs. But after a few minutes, even that shadow couldn't stop her from dancing on the table.

You know, little kids are really busy. And in our crazy world, I feel really grateful to have entire days to spend with Riley as she discovers and learns about the little things in life. Like how gross it feels to have wet cement on you, and even if your shadow scares you, never quit dancing!!

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Charmingdesigns said...

Just stopping by to say. I use to live in Cal (12 years ago) and I use to come to CrossRoads. I loved it! Nice to know you are still there. I will be down visiting this summer, I'll stop in! Laurie