White Wednesday

Happy White Wednesday as the weeks seem to fly by. This week, I took pictures of some of my favorite "white" pieces in my home. I love the whites that are old, the ones that show their "wear & tear", the ones that are imperfect! Those are the ones that are "perfect" for me. Above is one of my "newer" pieces. I'm at the point now that if I buy something, something else has to go. I got this at Country Roads from Ginny, who by the way has the best of the best! It's an old store display. I love it because of the deep bins below, great for hiding my grandkids toys! Like with most of the antique pieces in my home, I use them. This big two piece cabinet I have in my kitchen. We pretty much ripped out all the cabinets that were in the house when I bought it. We use the old pieces instead of the kitchen cabinets that were there. I love the blue hardware on this piece, along with the "Cocktail" sign above. Came from an old bar in Pasadena in the early 50's! Another favorite of mine is this early dry sink. There are many spots on it where the wood is smooth and worn from years of use. This little "wall banger" as I call them, hangs above the dry sink. Sadly it's only purpose is to hold more of my junk! When I was in high school and in a soriety we always use to hang out at Bob's Big Boy, thus a few collectibles to remind me of days gone by. Another "early" piece, that weighs a ton, is great for storage. I love those old cupboards that were made with the wide, heavy planks. If you are wondering about the crazy rug by this cabinet, this is the part of my family room that is hiding my grandkids toys! By far, this has to be one of my favorite things in my house. It is actually the top of an old milk truck! I put it on top of a pencil legged table so I could use as a table. I bought it years ago from my friend, Chris Nickoloff. For those of you that knew Chris, she had the "best of the best" when it came to the good ole stuff. Sadly, she died way before her time, so it is also a nice memory of a friend as well as a cool, unusual piece in my home. I've always had a love affair with old screened cupboards, you know the whole rust and white thing going on. I store my old quilts in here, with the red ones being my favorite. As I am writing this post, I often ask myself if many of these pieces are functional, which they are. But, do I really need them in my home to collect stuff and dust? Then I'm reminded that when it comes right down to it, that it isn't about the "need" it is always about the "want"! Speaking of the "want", go visit Kathleen, and see some more great stuff you will want. Kathleen always has pictures of stuff from her house that calls my name!! Happy White Wednesday!


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

You always show the most prettiest things in your store and of course you have the best shop stories! Love it all. Happy Wednesday, T

www.MaisonStGermain.com said...

WOW,WOW,WOW!!!!!! What gorgeous, perfect pieces you have in your home!I love every single thing. It looks like such a happy place to live:)
Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

Tallulah's Antique Closet said...

Hi Sue Thank's for dropping by yesterday. You are right things in the antique world can be quite heavy. Exspecially the garden ornaments. That is a great collection of country whites. And I do like the drysink. That is a great pieace. Have a good day...Julian

Olde Tyme Marketplace said...

Beyond wonderful stuff! I love every piece!!

Faded Charm said...

You do have some awesome great old cupboards with that timeless old white patina. I think I'm having cupboard envy right now. Also love the table. What a unique piece.

Hope the sun shining for you today.


FullBloomCottage said...

Love Love Love all your white cabinets! If you ever find something to replace the "heavy" white one let me know! Can't wait til you have a party or some excuse for me to come see your home!!

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Oh Sue, this is a definitely "want" kind of business but we enjoy it all the same, don't we?

Debra@Common Ground said...

I LOVE all your cupboards, but that "milk" table is just amazing. I wouldn't let that go either! Loved the look on Bryce's face in the photo! The kids look like a literal handfull!
Hope you're having a great week,

Kate said...

What great stuff you have, I love it all!!! Thats what makes a home your heart. Hope you are enjoying being away from "the store" see you soon.

Take care, Happy WW

Amy said...

What a great collection of cupboards and storage pieces. All with a great history to them.
I love the way you have them displayed
so charming.

time-worn interiors said...

Dang girl, either you got a lot of grandkids or they have a ton of toys! LOL! Just kidding! Cool stuff, I love crusty old cupboards!

Lori said...

what wonderful, chippy gorgeous whites...thanks for sharing!!!

1 Funky Woman said...

What great stuff! I love the cocktails sign, its fabulous!
I say why not, who cares if you need it, theres always a place, right! I would love to walk through your home someday, too fun!

Cotton Blossom said...

I'm here! I'm here! I'm so glad we found each other! Love this place man!

Alaina said...

Look at all those red and white quilts, all I have to say is WHY am I so far away. Love the pictures.

Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

And they say that white is on it's way out! I'm crazy over all your white pieces...they would all look wonderful in my home! I've thoroughly enjoyed your WW post. I seldom get to see the 'real' white stuff...I'm happy now!
P.S. I used to hang out at Big Boy's too

Cabin and Cottage said...

SHEESH! You got some great white cupboards! Love the white--gotta say.

kanishk said...

What gorgeous, perfect pieces you have in your home!
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