A Few of My Favorites

 As I look at the calendar, it is hard to believe in a few days we will have another month behind us!  I always talk about time, and how fast it goes by.  There are days I wish I could slow it down, even just for a little while!! I remember last year, going with my family for our annual visit to Pa's Pumpkin Patch here in Long Beach, on PCH.  It sure doesn't seem like an entire year as passed since then!!  I'm hoping myself and family can break away tomorrow night and get together for one of our favorite traditions that we do every year.  Today 
I wanted to share some of the things that caught my eye at Country Roads. I hope you enjoy them as well.

As always, I sure hope that you will find some time this week-end to come shop with us!  I know I am prejudiced, but I can never say this enough. . . . we have such a wonderful group of talented people that are a part of Country Roads. I appreciate you all!!

"Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the Fall"

F. Scott Fizgerald


Fall at Home

As much as I love Summer, I have to admit that there is something special about Fall. I think as the weather begins to cool down and the days get shorter, we tend to enjoy being at home a little bit more. I was going to do a blog post today with photos from Country Roads. Well, I forgot to take any pictures the last time I was at CR. So, today these pictures of my home where most of the things I've purchased over all the years have come from Country Roads!  


I love this old heater. I love the architectural detail it has, and it is heavy!  These old iron heaters came from the old Hotel Coronado. I actually have two of them and they are unbelievably heavy!! You never know what you will find at Country Roads. I love the variety of stuff that you will find there. And better yet, my Country Roads family is always bringing in stuff,  so our inventory is always changing. I hope whey you have some time you will stop by and lose yourself shopping in 10,000 square feet of great stuff!  We all hope to see you soon!


Country Roads Labor Day Sale!

 It's starting to look like Fall here at Country Roads.  I know we have a couple of more weeks until Fall officially arrives, but as much as I love Summer, I am always happy when the leaves begin to change, and the air is a bit cooler. I also wanted to let you all know that Country Roads will be hosting a big Labor Day Monday sale! I sure hope you find some time to stop by.  There are a lot of wonderful things to choose from with great percentages off!  Below are just some random pictures of things that caught my eye at my favorite store, Country Roads!

All of us at Country Roads look forward to seeing you Labor Day Monday for our big sale! 



Variety . . .The Spice of Life!

I love this time of year, even it is a bit warm or should I say hot?  The care free days of Summer have always called my name since I was a kid. I'm hoping that you all are enjoying the lazy days of Summer just as I am. Although, I could use just a few more lazy days over working!  Today I just wanted to share a very small collection of some of the treasures we have here at Country Roads!

The big, old vintage "Drugs" sign that you see above came from our very own Watson's here in Old Towne Orange! Watson's Drug & Soda Fountain have been a special place and destination here since 1899!  I'm not quite sure what is going on, or if they are closing or what. I do know though, that I would LOVE to have that sign. Can you imagine all the stories that sign has to tell? It is for sale and would be a wonderful collector piece for anyone, especially if you are into the history of Old Towne! I am looking forward to seeing our favorite customers this week-end, and all of us here at Country Roads look forward to seeing you!  Take care.


July at Country Roads

We have some great stuff at Country Roads right now! I am so lucky to have the job that I do and be surrounded by such wonderful stuff. And the best part is that everything always changes with new stuff being brought in almost every day! Here are some of my favorite things at Country Roads that called my name!

I hope all of you are having a wonderful Summer. I love the warm, sunny days and our SoCal weather that we get to enjoy! As you all know, my Country Roads family is always changing things up and bringing in new stuff just about every day! I sure hope we see you soon. . .
Take care. . . Sue


White Wednesday at Country Roads

 I am so fortunate to own a store, Country Roads, that is filled with such talent! Over the past twenty-three years I have had the privilege of working with amazing, creative people. This afternoon, I just wanted to share some of my favorite whites here at Country Roads!

"Be the Change you Want to See in the World"