It's Been Awhile

It has been so long since I've put a blog post up. I think work, and life and being insanely busy all the time has just added to it all. Anyway, I won't bore you with words.  Instead, I will let you enjoy some of the wonderful things we have here at Country Roads.

Obviously, these pictures are just a very, very small sampling of what you will find at Country Roads. If you don't already know, I post a picture each and every day on our Facebook page. That way you can get a small sampling of what is new at CR. Our Facebook page is at:
"Country Roads Antiques and Gardens". Also, I try to get an email out with pictures once a week. Although that hasn't happened for awhile either. If you would like to be included on our "Email Express" list, please send me your email to. . . 
And thank you for shopping with us over all these years. It's appreciated!


A Hot Thurday Here at CR!

I loved the quote above and just "had" to share it on this hot, sizzling day here in really sunny SoCal! It seems like I haven't stopped all day. Where does the time go? So if you find a few "errors" I hope you understand.  Below, are just a few of my favorite things, as always. . .

I still LOVE this couch that our own Cyndy made. If I only had the room, it would be home with me! I hope you come on down and see us this week-end! Our weather is "supposed" to go back to a "semi-normal" temperature after this insane heat we've had this week.  Thank you for always being so kind to not only me, but my Country Roads family as well. You are all the best of the best!


My Mom. . . "Johnnye Merle"

I usually re-post this blog post each Mother's Day. I know I'm like many of you that have lost your Mom's.  But we still hold them close our your hearts! So Mom, even though you never, ever liked much attention you deserve it. I love the pictures of you. Happy Mother's Day!

Born and raised in Temple, Texas, she loved her beloved state of Texas and its bluebonnets.

I didn't find most of these pictures until after she had passed away. She had a tough life. This is an old school picture of my Mom.

Her Dad made a living driving a gas truck. That is him on the right with the hat, and my Mom on top of the truck.

Another one of the few pictures I have of her.

I love this picture, it's one of my very favorites.

My Mom moved out to sunny southern CA, and met my Dad. That's me in my Mom's lap.

My Mom was so excited when her first grandchild, Brande was born.  She passed away two days after my first grandbaby, Riley was born.  She never got to hold her, but once she knew she had arrived in this world of ours safely and healthy, she let go. I'm thinking of her this week-end, and even though I "know" the chaos and confusion of my family now, with my own four little grandbabies, would make her crazy, she's still smiling down on us all.


Thursday Treats

It's a warm, hot Thursday here in sunny SoCal! We've had a little taste of Summer a bit earlier than normal this Spring! But by the beginning of next week, I think we will get back to our more "kinder" temperatures that we normally have here at Country Roads. Today, I randomly picked a few of my favorite pictures to post. I have a never ending supply of cool stuff to take pictures of. I love the sofa above that our own Cyndy made! Such talent!! Here are a few more pictures for you. . . 

What I love the most about Country Roads is that we have SO much different stuff! I always say that there is something for everyone because there really is. In case you ever want to see more pictures of "the store", I always post a daily photo on our Facebook page at Country Roads Antiques and Gardens and Twitter as well. You can also find us on Instagram under Country Roads and  on Pinterest as well under CR too ! Sometimes I think pictures say so much more than words! Often we get asked if we ship merchandise. I would love to say that we do, but unfortunately we don't, sorry.  If you do live local, however,  and see something you like on any of our posts, you can always call the store and pay for it over the phone on a credit card. I hope we see you soon, take care!


The Love of Old

So, when I was getting ready to do this blog post, I plugged in my camera to my computer. And nothing came up. Why? Because I forgot to take pictures while I was at the store this past week. The pictures I have up today are from my home. Just about everything in it has come from Country Roads!

This old harvest table was the first country primitive piece of furniture I ever bought. I immediately fell in love with it when I saw it. And the best part, I only paid like $100 for it. My ex-husband, I thought, was going to have a heart attack. He was SO worried that our entire family was going to get lead poisoning from that table that I loved! 

I've always had antiques in my home. And not just to display or look at. I use them as functional pieces of furniture in my daily life.  The coffee table "use" to be a regular size table. I had Bryce cut it down for me. I rarely do that, but it works so well as a coffee table.

Another favorite is my old hanging cupboard. It's got the original paint and square nails. The little phone on the right came from my kids elementary school when they were little. The school was upgrading their phone system and I was lucky to get one of the classroom phones!

I have always, without a doubt, been a sucker for old advertising pieces. For me, they are like paintings and are all over my house.

I use this old industrial cart to store most of my Christmas decorations. Bryce had made a top for the cart which I just noticed is crooked which it usually isn't. 

I try to keep a lot of my "smalls" in cabinets. This old medical cabinet is one of my favorites, and also probably one of the more expensive pieces I've  ever bought. It has my old vintage shaving collection inside.

 I will confess, this old cabinet was a bit pricey too. But there are some pieces, or antiques I should say, that I would never, ever part with. And this is one of them. It's in my bedroom with all my Hawaiian stuff. I have always loved the beach, and still do. My bedroom is filled with this stuff.

Also in my room is the old glider I love so much. Seriously, this is the most comfortable piece of furniture in my home. I got it really cheap, maybe $100 and added the pillows. I have rocked all four of my grandbabies to sleep on this old glider, and still do from time to time.

I enjoy when pieces of furniture are re-purposed. This use to be an old beauty shop chair that my friend Maggie re-covered in a tropical print. Again, another favorite of mine.

And lastly, one of my favorites. My entire family really hate this old primitive cupboard of mine. I've always loved it. It stands a bit crooked and has all kinds of original paint coming through on it.  It was made with square nails. I guess if you are like me, you understand "why" we have a love affair for the old stuff. I swear it calls my name because it knows I will bring it on home. . .  take care.


Spring Greetings!

I just wanted to take a quick second to say "thank you"! I know I often say that but all of us here at Country Roads truly appreciate all of you! Our customers are the best of the best which truly warms my heart. We are having a big sale on Easter Sunday, and I thought I would share a few of some of my favorite things that we have at Country Roads right now!

This is one of our newer vignettes (above), done by our own talented Debbie Watts. We have such a group of talented people here at Country Roads. You truly can spend forever wandering through "the store" which is always filled with great eye candy! Our hopes are that we will see you on Easter Sunday. Take care!



I am very grateful that Country Roads has been so busy this year!  With us staying busy, and myself picking up a couple of more days working at the store, it has been hard to find the time to share a little bit of my favorite Country Roads eye candy. So, I got up a bit earlier this morning to share some of my favorite photos of the softer side of CR. . . 

You have to agree with me, we've truly got a great group of talented people here at Country Roads. They always amaze me with their talents. And before I forget, I just wanted to let you know that we are having a big Easter sale on Easter Sunday, April 20th, from10am-5pm. I've seen "the list" and there are some great percentages off on that day. Take care. . .