Memorial week-end, and yes it is a great time to shop, especially at Country Roads!! Seriously, come on down!! And yes, it is a reminder that summer is right around the corner. It's a time for family, picnics and trips to the beach. But it is also time to hold "hope" ever so tightly in our hearts for all that is good in our world. Hope is sometimes defined as "to look forward to with confidence or expectation." The word "hope" is always a big part of my heart and the way I try to live my life daily.I look at my dad above as he went to fight in Germany during WWII. I know he held on to "hope" that our world would be a better place for his kids, and grandkids, and great-grandkids. He was a "family man" as they use to refer to the dad's as I grew up.My dad was always a "smart ass", guess this picture shows you what I mean! He came home from the war on the Queen Mary and loved telling that story. And when the Queen Mary use to be in Long Beach, where we lived and still live, he was excited to see the old girl docked nearby.My mom grew up in Texas during the Depression. I know for a fact she always held "hope" in her heart that people wouldn't go hungry. Her stories are still fresh in my mind that how the poor black people would come to their back door, hungry and tired, and my mom's family would give them what they could. She also held her own "furry friends" close to her heart as well, as you see the cat thrown over her shoulder as a child.I love looking at this picture of my mom and her mom. At this point in her life, her dad was gone, sadly killed himself. But even as I grew up, my mom always held "hope" for myself and my sister, and my kids. She knew what war was like, she knew what it was like to be poor with little to eat, and she also knew and believed in "hope"! It was a simple dream, hope for a better world for us all!So, on this Memorial week-end, I too hold "hope" in my heart. I believe in "hope" and can only dream our world gets itself together so my little grandchildren have a happy place to live. This quote was on Lori's blog
a few months ago. You know how somethings stick with you?

"may our children one day see at world at PEACE"!

It really doesn't require a lot of effort to be "hopeful" for better days and to be the person we should be. This little slideshow was in my email inbox this morning. It reminded me of "HOPE" and how important the little things truly are in life! Make it a great week-end!


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

If we lose hope, we've lost it all. Great post and loved see your grand kiddos. Happy Memorial Day my friend, T

Arlan Berglas said...

Keep passing it forward!

A Cottage Muse said...

Beautiful post today...love the pictures of your Dad in uniform. Happy Memorial Day to you!