The Morning After

Well, it does feel like the "morning after" but not in a good way, like having a great time the night before. And, I just lost most of this post I had just written along with a few photos. So, here is the condensed blog post since I have to leave for work in a bit. I thought after Saturday (see post below) that yesterday really wouldn't be too much of a "BSC" Sunday. But come on, you know there were a few. Here are quickly some of my favorites. One lady buys a dining room table and wants it delivered to her doorstep for $10! Yes, that was her "offer" for a delivery. Do I need to say she had NO takers on that one. Another customer had Carol come over to a dealer space to look at a piece of furniture. He explained to her that it was $150, which is waaaay over priced for what it is. And told Carol he would be willing to pay $75. Needless to say, that piece of furniture is still at the store. And lastly, our restroom is in the back of one of the other buildings. I'm in there when I hear this weird noise on the sales floor. I come out, and see the same guy from the day before. He is interested in one of Bryce's hydraulic tables that Bryce stripped. It has a lever on it that will make the table go "up". So, I ask the customer if he needs help, and his reply was similar to a kid, "nope, I wanna see how high the table will go" as he continues to push the lever. Well, on top of the table is an expensive spotlight similar to the one above (I can't find the actual pix of that now either). Anyway, the light is about two inches from the top of the ceiling. I ask the customer, "do you see that the light is only inches away from the ceiling"? His response was "yep"! Finally I just tell him to stop before it hits the ceiling and I will make a phone call to see "how high up" it goes. When I got back the customer was gone, surprise? Nope! Here are only a few pictures of what we have in the store right now. I have to head out to the happiest place on earth, Country Roads!

And on a positive note, I want to thank ALL of our great customers. I need to do more posts on them because they are the best. Like the woman yesterday that came in because one of our dealers hadn't shipped something to her yet that she ordered a few weeks back. And it wasn't cheap. The dealer told me she would come down with the merchandise right away. The woman patiently waited, we talked a bit, she donated $10 to our jar that we collect funds for our "furry friends" in. Then she left with a smile, thanked me as well. So to all of you, and there are SO many, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this. Hope you all have a great week!


Malisa said...

I've heard of "how low will you go" but "how high will it go" is a new one for me! Was this the drunk guy with the red ball cap or the guy who wanted a reduced price? You have so many crazies, it is hard to keep them straight! :) When I come, I AM riding on the table and stealing the light! Be prepared!

Amy said...

Are you sure you run a store and not a daycare.
Grown adults are worse than kids
Poor Sue, get some rest and relaxation
the weekends come around quick.

kanishk said...

Have a good day!!
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