Happy Birthday Brande!

Brande, my first baby, is thirty years old today. How does that happen? I remember that day like it was yesterday. I drove myself to the hospital with Mr.Wonderful sitting shotgun. He wasn't the best driver and we had to go around the "traffic circle" in Long Beach, so I took the wheel. They induced labor, they broke the water, but no baby, until almost 24 hours later. My mom spent the night, and as you see above, the new Grandma couldn't be happier! Brande Rene had entered the world at 9:34 pm, 8lb 1oz on May 16th, 1979.

"in a blink of the eye, it's Brande's first Christmas"

"in the blink of an eye, it's her first birthday"

"in the blink of an eye, her Aunt Teri comforts her, the same way Aunt Brande comforts Riley today"

"in the blink of an eye, Katie is born, and Brande becomes a big sister on Dec.17,1981"

"in the blink of an eye, on Oct.1st, 1983, she is a big sister again when Bryce is born"

"in the blink of an eye, she looks at her sister & brother and wonders, "why couldn't I have been an only child"

"then, in a blink of an eye, life passes so quickly, "pony pictures",

"dance lessons",

"family vacations"

"birthdays roll by at an unbelieveable speed"

"then our babies grow-up, a tattoo in memory of her Gramma Johnnye",

"then they are forced to grow-up faster, as Brande helps her Papa with Riley a couple of months before he passed away",

"friends weddings",

"and, in the blink of an eye, she's now Aunt Brande, in love with Riley, there to help her when she needs help",

I never take for granite the time I spend with my kids, because "in a blink of the eye" here I am thirty years later, and I couldn't be prouder of my daughter, "Happy Birthday", I love you, MOM

I wrote the above blog post a year ago. Where has the time gone as my oldest is 31 years old today? We will celebrate Brande's birthday at dinner tonight with Morgan joining us! And next year when we celebrate Brande's birthday, we will have another small little person at the table, Katie's baby boy! Time, it's all about "in the blink of an eye"!. Make the time for those you love, and hey Brande, thanks for turning out to be such a great kid, happy birthday!!


Deb said...

Happy Birthday Brande....nice post MOM....

The Green Pea said...

Happy Birthday, Brande. I congratulate you for the birth of Brande. Happy Day to the both of you. sandi

The Boston Lady said...

Happy Birthday to Brande! You are a lucky mom/grandma to have such a wonderful bunch to celebrate and appreciate.

In a blink of an eye, indeed. If I had one thing to pass on to my children as they get older it would be to savor each moment - it goes so quickly!

Love the "Johnnye" tattoo!

Brande said...

So....31, not 30, but close enough! :)

Thank you for all the bday wishes!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Brande!
It is crazy how our 30's sneak up on us.
Sue, you are so lucky to have your whole family so close to you. What a proud mama and to have a child that won't kill you for posting some of those pics. LOL. Enjoy your dinner tonight, and stop that blinking!

Maureen said...

Happy Birthday to Brande! Once your have kids, time really does fly! The pictures are so cute.

P.S. I was busy myself on October 1st, 1983......getting married!

Sweet Lady said...

I love that despite the "appointment" to be born on the 15th, and an induced labor, she still arrived late. Appropriate, I think!

Malisa said...

Happy Birthday to You...Happy Birthday to You...Happy Birthday, Dear Brande...Happy Birthday to You!


Virginia said...

happy birthday brande. isn't it great to have a mom so proud of you!

trash talk said...

Happy birthday wishes Brande from Texas. I'd love to send a Texas chocolate sheet cake, but I'm afraid it would melt before it got to you.
Mama...happy birthday to you as well. I always celebrate when my children have one...after all, I was there for the birth.
It's bittersweet to watch our children grow older, but without it we wouldn't get to see our grandbabies grow either.


Miss Gracie's House said...

I do *NOT* know where the time went...my oldest will be 30...wasn't I just 30...like yesterday!
I enjoyed reading back and getting caught up...you really don't have a dull moment do you?! It is like another world:)
Your WW from your home...all my favorites! Have a great week!

FullBloomCottage said...

Happy Birthday Brande...As someone told me, "it is grand, getting old"

Sorry Im late!