"BSC" Sunday!

We have been so incredibly busy at Country Roads these past three days! I'm so grateful, thankful and appreciative! I'm also SO tired this morning, as I prepare to go back to "the store" today. We had a nice surprise on Saturday. Rachel Ashwell stopped by to shop. I have to tell you, I've known Rachel for many years now, since the early days of her TV show. And Rachel is such a compassionate, strong woman. It was really a pleasure to see her on Saturday and have some time to chat. That was the "good" part of the the week-end at the store. Then there was yesterday!! I knew I was in trouble when I went out to get my newspaper, wet hair in a towel, enjoying the quiet morning. Then I heard "her" as I walked back up my driveway! "Ma'am, excuse me but I have a question". I had to stop and think where I was because it sounded like a customer at the store, until I remembered I was at home. I turned and smiled, and she continued, "do you ever sell anything out of your yard"? I'm pretty sure she didn't know I had a store, so I simply replied, "no". There was no stopping her, "I have another question, do you find a lot of the stuff you have in your yard very often". I tell her I have a store, Country Roads, and it's only twenty minutes away, and we have a garden full of this stuff, and it was nice talking with her. . .then I am cut off! "Here's what I'm looking for" as she lists her requests, and continued to ramble. Finally I had to politely excuse myself telling her I had to get ready to go to work and she was welcome to stop by Country Roads anytime. I wanted to add that she was not welcome to stop in my front yard at anytime though! We were slammed all day and there were a few of the "BSC" customers on the loose. There was one that I swear, I could have "b-slapped". She "throws" a price tag she has pulled off of something on the counter in front of me. Then she continues to tell me how this thing she wants is waaaaay over priced at $79 and the dealer should sell it to her for less!! I simply said, "sorry, I can't help you, and she left". And the bathroom on "BSC" Sunday was the most popular place in ALL of Southern CA yesterday. We ran out of toilet paper before noon! I will not share anymore details on that subject!! After work, my family all got together for dinner. It started off a bit rocky, Riley hit her lip and started crying, which caused Morgan to start crying, and I was the crazy lady with the camera taking pictures through that and our dinner. Here are some of my favorite pictures from our Mother's day dinner!

No matter what kind of day I've had, or if my kids have been fighting with each other or me, I'm always reminded of the importance of family on nights like last night. And to any of you that were dining at the El Torito on PCH in Long Beach, I do apologize for the craziness of our family and my camera with the flash going off all night. But, hey it was "BSC" Sunday, and I felt it was my turn to participate!


Maureen said...

Just another day in paradise! lol The second to last picture is so cute! Makes me want to pinch those cheeks!

A Cottage Muse said...

How lovely the princesses are! Your story gave me a chuckle for the day ~ thank you!!

Rita said...

I so enjoy reading about your day! My adrenaline goes up to the roof when you start talking about THE PEOPLE but then at the end, seen the Famiglia together I am calm again. I still think it would be nice for me to be there while you are having these kind of conversations with THE PEOPLE. Ciao Rita mammabellarte

Malisa said...

If your evening started out tough, it looks like it ended up happy! Your girls are so happy in all of the photos! So glad that your kids gathered for a good Mother's Day dinner...you deserve it, girlfriend!


The Boston Lady said...

Your grandchildren are precious. I get such a kick out of your "BSC" Sundays descriptions. Again, I promise, if I show up there this summer, I WILL NOT USE THE BATHROOM. Working with the public is always an educational experience.

FullBloomCottage said...

Hi Sue,
OMG, that sounded like a crazy weekend. Glad I wasn't there. The girls are so cute!! Hope you had a great Mothers day anyway!

FullBloomCottage said...

Hi Sue
sounds like a crazy weekend, glad to hear!!
Hope you and your family had a nice mothers day! Happy Late Mothers day to you!! - if i didn't get to tell you that over the 5 times we talked this weekend!LOL-