How About a Quickie?

It's been a few weeks since I've been asked about a "quickie", must be getting old! Of course I'm talking about a "quickie" post of some cool stuff that was in "the store" yesterday!!

Sometimes it is really difficult to take pictures when the store is filled with customers. Today, should have been the last day I will ever have to use my piece of junk, floor model, demo, piece of junk camera I bought from Target! I was going to save my money and buy a really "nice" camera. Then I thought to myself, "why"? I'm sure something will happen to it, just the way my life works. So, I bought the same kind of camera that leaped out of my hands and jumped into my pool and drowned. Hopefully, I'll have some nice pictures up tomorrow! And least we forget, today is "BSC" Sunday. I have to admit, we've been having more craziness on Saturdays lately. Only time will tell! Enjoy your week-end, or what's left of it!


Bringing Pretty Back said...

The pictures are gorgeous! Your store is amazing.

trash talk said...

I'm always ready for a quickie and this one sure didn't disappoint.

Amy said...

heres to a quick and painless BSC day.
may you live to tell the crazy happenings that come your way.
Ah retail, now what fun would it be if you didn't have those crazies to speak of on Mondays.
Our thoughts are with you.

tagskie said...

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Deb said...

Enjoyed the "Quickie" Tour...