My Garden

I am SO loving this time of year. My garden begins to "take off" and nothing makes me happier! I have always had a fondness for yellow roses. It's was my Mom's favorite as she always loved her "yellow rose of Texas"!

I didn't realize until now that the old watering can by the yellow roses has traces of old yellow paint on it similar to the roses!

I always add "junk" (I mean valuable collectibles) to my garden. For me it gives my gardens so much more character.

Since my oldest daughter, Brande (whom also owns Johnnye Merle Gardens & Nursery at Country Roads) always adds new plants to my garden, I'm not always sure what this plant it is. Although  I love the color on of these flowers!

With the old piece of picket fence, it adds even more color to the garden. On the other side of the picket you can see my hollyhocks that have gone WILD!

My hollyhocks are always one of my favorites. This year they are really going crazy.

I'm always a fan of the white chippy paint. Even though its beat up, I love my little birdhouse with the piece of picket fence behind it.

My sweet peas are also taking on a life of their own as they are growing a bit wild and crazy!

I've never had this color of sweet peas before. I love the different shades of red and pink on them. One of my favorite things to do is to cut little bouquets of sweet peas and bring 'em inside in a small vase. They always smell SO good.

This was a new plant for Brande this year. She was anxious to see it bloom. I just noticed that the picture is blurred. The leaves, as you can see, are a dark maroon. And the flower has a great soft maroon color on it as well.  It's funny what makes us happy in life. I've always been one that appreciates the simple things, like being able to have a garden I can call my own! Happy Spring!!


Eugenia said...


Love love love your garden. I have so many plants in my garden from Country Roads... There is a huge Flower Girl rose. My mom picked it our and planted it in my garden years ago. I, too, have a yellow rose, Surprise, my mother started from a cutting. Thank you for the memories. e

Shabby chic Sandy said...

Your yard is looking amazing1 mine is just starting--can't wait for it to be in full bloom!

Lynn @The Vintage Nest said...

My gardens won't look like this for months so what fun it was to walk through yours. I keep trying to grow hollyhocks but no luck yet. This year I will try them in the tiny back garden. Maybe they will like that spot. :)

Greenmare said...

I am so incredibly jealous of this post. The view out my window is still under at least 3 feet of snow, and more is expected tomorrow. I need flowers!