Rose Bowl Sunday

This will be a quick post since I've got to get to "the store" to work this morning, My son, Bryce, his friend Mike, and Sue Lennon (one of our wonderful dealers at CR) are sharing a space at Rose Bowl today. I hope if you are out there shopping, you stop by and say hi. And if not, come on down and see us at Country Roads. Here are a few pictures that Bryce had time to take before they got too busy!

I've got two or three pieces of Sue's furniture in my house, similiar to the one above, and all I can say is that I "LOVE" them. Don't forget its Sunday, always a day full of adventure at Country Roads. We hope you can come on down and enjoy the fun!


stefanie said...

WOW!!!! how fun!!!!

Recycled Rita said...

Oh my! I'm drooling!

Orlando Designs said...

I was down there yesterday and the sofa was such a show stopper!

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