I just looked at these photos and realized I haven't edited them. But, I guess something is better than nothing. We all of "one of those days" every once in awhile. I've had one of those "weeks" and I am very grateful it is over! So, this morning I'm sharing a bunch of Ted & Gloria's photos. And while you just might think Gloria threw this all together, not correct. The man behind these displays and vignettes is Ted, her husband. Enjoy some great Sunday eye candy!!

I've always been in love with this little industrial looking medical cabinet that Ted & Gloria have. It looks much better in person, believe me. And probably would have looked better if I had edited the photo too. I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday, and are you looking for something to do? Come on down and lose yourself and a store that is packed with tasty eye candy along with more sweets outside in our gardens!!


red.neck chic said...


I want to come play in your shop. LOL

LOVE the chairs on the wall... kinda makes me want to re-do my dining room!

Yes... I would follow Ted and Gloria's example and hang my chairs up.

:) robelyn

Maureen said...

So much good stuff!

P.S. Love the latest pics of the grandkids.

Recycled Rita said...

Ted and Gloria are awesome! I saw Gloria today, in the hot hot sun at a flea market...did I mention it was hot? Africahot! hugs! karen....

Rita said...

Love this space Sue! All that WHITE.
Have a wonderful week Ciao Rita

trash talk said...

I've had the pleasure of watching 'em shop and have seen first hand that everything is hand selected. You know probably better than I do, nothing is bought just for the sake of buying. Everything represents what is loved with an eye (or two) for details.
Looking forward to seeing them in the fall...I hope!