The Color Red

 I have always loved the color red. I'm not sure why, maybe it just calls my name. Anyway, I wanted to share some of my favorite "reds" that are here at Country Roads. We've had that old red truck in the garden forever. As many of you know, the garden that is named after my Mom, Johnnye Merle, and is one of my favorite places. It always warms my heart with memories of my Mom. And there are always stray kitties running around out there which makes me smile as well since my Mom loved her cats! Below are just a few more of my favorite reds here at Country Roads!

The week-end is coming up, and we sure hope you put us on your list of things to do! Take care!!


Anonymous said...

Sue, your store and family warm my heart!!! when I walk into Country Roads, I just decompress....its so comforting and magical....

Eugenia said...


I wasn't a fan of red but my mother loved to see me in it. Little red sweaters remind of childhood. A very good thing.

My kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Henich, gave me a tin play house just like the one posted here. I was a full immersion kid, didn't speak a word of English in kinder, but I loved those other little kids. Mrs. Henich opened a world of loving to learn and play.

In those days, we had graham crackers, cartons of milk, and naps. Glorious naps. It really was all about the things we needed to learn to get on with our lives. Not stupid CORE.

I love Country Roads, red, and every nook and cranny of those memory filled gardens. xxooxxx e

Sue said...

Thank you so, so much Eugenia for sharing your words with me. I loved each and everyone of them!

vintage stools said...

I need that red colour car......really awesome