What Calls Your Name?

When it comes to what we collect, or what we just "have to have", it is hard to narrow it all down. I can confess right now, I like so many different things that I really couldn't pick a favorite! I've always had a love affair with architectural elements, as you will see in these pictures of my house. I love to think about what they were used for and where they came from in their past lives.

I also decorate my house with stuff that is "different". I not only love old advertising and country primitives, but I love stuff like the old kids bike, or the rusty of door that came off of a tractor.

You can see how well loved this old wood chair has been by my cats, sigh! I bought this old chair years and years ago from my dear sweet friend, Chris Nickoloff that sadly left us way too young. I think of her often when I sit in my old chair.

I use these old vintage gym lockers in my office. They work perfectly for organizing my paper and it is easy for me to find what I'm looking for. Sometimes vintage stuff is really more practical than stuff you might by at a furniture store.

And speaking of furniture stores, who says you can't use vintage furniture in your home everyday. I love my old couch that Sue Lennon had re-done and brought into Country Roads. I just had to have it!

This is one of my all time favorite country cupboards. It is an old pine stepback and it's stuffed, and I do mean stuffed, with children's vintage toys and books. Its got the old wavy glass on the doors and I just love it!

This is my "other" old stepback cupboard. Years ago one of my cats managed to knock over a big Christmas tree that fell into the glass and broke one of the cupboard doors little windows. It's funny what we remember about our stuff. . . 

This old "Cocktails" sign use to hang outside of a bar in Pasadena, CA. I think that is also one of the things that draw me to this love of the old. The sign "use" to be hanging in my house, but when it was getting dusted and cleaned, it somehow came down. It needs to go back up soon.

I got all my stuff in the pictures above from Country Roads. The picture above, however, came from a little shop in Cypress years and years ago. I love the color on it and the zinc top. It use to be some kind of kids game in a carnival. And again, I can't tell you how fond I am of this little piece. I'm sure many of you are like me, every piece in your home as a story to tell. I think that is "why" after 21 years, I am still so in love with Country Roads. There are so many stories to tell about so many things. I hope you will stop by and see us soon and bring home your own story!

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rebecca said...

I, too, gravitate toward the unusual and find that MOST of the time vintage stuff is more practical than stuff you might by at a furniture store!