The Softer Side of Country Roads

One thing I can say about Country Roads is that we have a big variety of merchandise. We have a also have a big selection here of the softer kinds of merchandise. I'm always amazed that our "whites" manage to stay white at Country Roads. Since its a big, old building with the doors all open, it really is incredible that these beautiful whites in these pictures actually stay white! Enjoy. . .

This picture is courtesy of my friend Pat Fillippi. Her whites are the whitest I have ever seen. Her linens, baby dresses, and old Victorian blouses and dresses are always so very pure and in excellent condition.  One of the reasons I really love Country Roads so much is the variety that my CR family brings in daily. Seriously, we've got something for each and every one of you! Take care. . .


Bohemian said...

These Whites are Divine and so Springtime Fresh! I wish I could keep Whites White at Bohemian Valhalla. Alas, that Palette doesn't work since it cannot stay pristine here and so I have come full circle back to my Sepia and Jeweltone Roots, which hides a multitude of 'issues'. *Winks* But I do so Love to behold a White Vignette that is somewhere that it can manage to stay White and not shades of 'dirty'! *LOL*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Faded Charm said...

Thanks for sharing the softer side of your beautiful store. Everything is truly amazing!!

Hope you are enjoying your week!


Maureen said...

These pictures are gorgeous but then again, I am very partial to white.

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