Ginny KNOWS Country Primitives

We have this dealer at the store, Ginny DeRosa. When I first met her, she had walked into Country Roads one morning looking for space. We usually never have space, but I thought we possibly were going to have an opening the following months. THEN, she pulled out photos, and it truly was a OMG moment!

When you look at the photos of her spaces, it doesn't even come close to what she really has in there. You see, Ginny also has this talent of getting a tremendous amount of merchandise in small areas! But nonetheless, its all great stuff!

The above "Funeral" sign didn't last long. It has this awesome gold-leaf lettering for a funeral business on old, thick, glass. I collect old signs, so you can guess why this great piece is no longer in the store! It was love at first sight for me.

Don't forget, and as you can see from the small sampling of photos, Country Roads has never lost the "Country" in the "Roads"!! And added bonus, we have great prices to match great stuff.

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